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Film: The Beaver Believers

  • Gesa Power House Theatre 111 North 6th Avenue Walla Walla, WA, 99362 United States (map)

The Beaver Believers is the urgent yet whimsical story of an unlikely cadre of activists who share a common vision: restoring the North American Beaver — that most industrious, ingenious, bucktoothed engineer — to the watersheds of the arid West. The Beaver Believers encourages viewers to embrace a new paradigm for managing our western lands, one that seeks to partner with the natural world rather than overpower it. As a keystone species, beaver enrich their ecosystems, creating the complexity and resiliency our watersheds need to absorb the impacts of climate change. Beavers can show us the way and even do much of the work for us, if only we can find the humility to trust in the restorative power of nature and our own ability to play a positive role within it.

Shot in eight western US states, Mexico, and Canada, through desert drought, raging wildfires, spring floods, and wetland tranquility, this film will change the way you think about climate change and inspire you to take a bite out of the challenges we face, one stick at a time.

Director Sarah Koenigsberg, of Tensegrity Productions in Walla Walla, Washington, is a filmmaker, photographer, and educator whose work focuses on stories of art, environment, and community in the American West. Her films and teaching cross disciplines, illuminating the power of storytelling as a medium through which to explore complex science and policy issues. Her commercial clients include the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the US Department of Energy, Discovery Channel Canada, Grand Canyon Trust, and the River Management Society, but she's proud to produce films of local relevance too, in support of Friends of Children of Walla Walla, The Health Center at Lincoln, and Trilogy Recovery Community. Koenigsberg's work has screened across North America, at the National Climate Adaptation Forum, the North American Congress for Conservation Biology, the Banff Mountain Film Festival, the International Wildlife Film Festival, the Portland EcoFilm Festival, and the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

A short cut of The Beaver Believers is currently screening worldwide as part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Learn more and watch the film trailer here.