Grateful Herbs Artisan Apothecary

I believe in the healing power of Nature. I believe plants have strong voices, though not always loud. I believe in using plant medicine for mind, body and spirit. Grateful Herbs is a small-batch, artisan apothecary because I believe in keeping things close to my heart, in my own hands and under my watchful eyes. I craft all-natural, organic products safe enough for my own babies, and made with enough love for you and yours.

I started studying plants and herbs over 20 years ago and even decided my business name a couple years into this love affair. Two decades later, I have finally opened my doors to the public and am blessed beyond belief to people's open hearts towards my craft.

I am a folk healer, a plant spirit medicine guide, a medicine woman. Things I make bring me joy. Just being around my plants, talking about them, leaning over them at market, makes me giddy.

It is with great humility and great honor that I share my craft with you.

(509) 240-3430