Calhoun Family Fruit

At our small third-generation family farm, we specialize in growing top-quality fruit that is tree-ripened and hand-packed right from the field to guarantee freshness for our customers. We grow an assortment of cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, apples, and pears. There is never a dull moment as fresh fruit is picked daily and delivered all over the Pacific Northwest. Our peaches and other fruits have become a summer staple in many households.

Jim Calhoun started the family farm in the 1960s, followed by his son Steve and wife Nancy for more than the next 30 years, and then his grandson Tim. Tim Calhoun, the second of seven siblings, has taken over daily operations of the farm and carries on the tradition of farming. All of Steve’s children and family continue to be involved, whether they are helping on the farm, packing and delivering fruit, or working at farmers markets. It is truly a family affair. Tim and his wife Heather have five children and hope to raise their kids into the fourth generation of Calhoun Family Fruit farmers.

At our family farm we are working to teach the next generation that hard work and producing quality fruit matters. As small family farms are becoming a thing of the past, we strive to keep the legacy going for future generations.

Calhoun Family Fruit lives by our motto — “Grown for quality, hand-packed for freshness.”

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