FEAST — The Festival @ Walla Walla — June 23


You are invited to join us for FEAST – The Festival @ Walla Walla on Saturday, June 23rd!  There are new changes this year's event, but it is the same FEAST concept of years past, only better. Our mission hasn’t changed; bringing visitors to Walla Walla to partake of our amazing wines, brews, distilleries, and tasty foods all while enjoying the  shops and merchants in our beautiful city.

We have increased our advertising budget outside of our area for this festival to help get the word out.  We will be advertising heavily on TV, radio and in newsprint.

We would like to list all participating vendors on our website and Facebook, to generate excitement for the event. Please return your information to us as soon as possible. 

We are very excited about this year’s FEAST – The Festival @ Walla Walla and want it to be successful. Our goal is to grow the event over the upcoming years.  Without you, our vendors, this festival would not be possible.  We are thankful for your participation and partnership in this new tradition!

Information and guidelines:

  • FEAST – The Festival @ Walla Walla is June 23, from 3pm to 8pm at the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds. Service begins with a new VIP hour beginning promptly at 3pm. Please arrive in time to have your table completely set up and ready to go by 2:45 pm. Tear down begins at 8pm.  We ask that you remain at the event with your table until that time, even if you run out of product. It is a good opportunity to network and promote your business. 
  • During FEAST each participant receives a punch card to redeem with the vendors. Please only punch one spot per taste. Collect a punch from everyone who wants to taste your product (this includes volunteers and other restaurants/beverage staff).
  • A program will be printed for the event that is distributed to all participants. Menu items, varietals, and flavor lists are due to the DWWF by May 25th. Any last minute changes will not be updated on the program.
  • ***Beverage Vendors - FEAST allows participants to purchase bottles and/or cases of the product they taste during the event. The Downtown Walla Walla Foundation sells the wine, offering half-case and full case discounts, and remits the wholesale amount to each participating vendor by July 3rd.  Participation from vendors in FEAST commits each vendor to supplying at least four bottles (up to one case of each) of each of the product poured at their table for sale at the onsite retail shop. Arrangements to pick up the retail product from the tasting rooms will be made the day before the event by Downtown Walla Walla Foundation. Any unsold product will be returned to the vendor at the end of the event. Beverage vendors must include the wholesale and retail pricing for each product on their form submission. 
  • ***Beverage Vendors (excluding distillies) - the opportunity for participation in the "by the glass" is available below in the online registration. 
  • Vendors agree to promote the event to their customers. They will also provide signage, decorations and all promotional materials for their booth. 
  • The vendor will supply any necessary supplies for your product – coolers, wine key, display props, cleaning supplies for your table, etc. We will have limited access to cold storage and the commercial kitchens. Please inquire with the DWWF as to usage. 
  • The vendor will staff table with two servers maximum.
  • The vendor will supply a minimum of 500 samples for the event.  Vendors are asked to provide up to 2 menu items/varietals/flavors. The DWWF will communicate regularly with vendors on ticket sales leading up to the event for proper preparation.


The Downtown Walla Walla Foundation will provide:

  • This year’s event will be under individual 10'x10' tents. If you have a 10'x10' tent, you are encouraged to bring it. If not, Downtown Walla Walla Foundation will provide you with one to use. 
  • One 8' table with black linen for each participating vendor. Should vendors wish to pair up or be next to each other, please contact the DWWF to make arrangements. Vendor layout will be delivered via email the week of the event.
  • Event program with menus and map for all FEAST participants.
  • Local, regional and national event advertising – Social media (FB, Instgram, Twitter), newspaper, television, and radio.
  • Ticket sales at www.downtownwallawalla.com/feast-the-festival-walla-walla/
  • One dump bucket per beverage vendor and ice throughout the day.
  • Cold storage for product on site.
  • Event security.
  • Experienced sales volunteers for the retail shop.
  • Swag Bags for all ticket holders that will include but is not limited to a commemorative event glass and other items. **This concept is still under development...stay tuned for more details. If you would like to participate and provide an item, please contact the DWWF. 
  • The DWWF will offer complimentary shuttle service for ticket holders to and from the fairgrounds to Downtown Walla Walla. This effort is two-fold. Generate traffic into the Downtown and to reduce any potential issues of impaired driving. 


additional Requirements for Restaurants:

  • Health department on-site inspection will be before the start of the event (inspection time to be announced closer to the event); service begins promptly at 3pm.  Tear down begins promptly at 8pm.  If you run out of food, please remain at your table to represent your restaurant until the end of the event.
  • All heating/cooking appliances must be set on non-combustible surfaces.
  • All combustibles must be 3' from sides of a tent.
  • There shall be no open flame (except Sterno cans) within the tents.
  • All BBQ and/or smokers must be kept a minimum of 20 feet away from the tents. The Downtown Walla Walla Foundation will designate an area for this purpose.

FEAST Restaurant Vendor Registration

This is tourist season and a great opportunity to showcase your restaurant to tourists and locals who will be making Walla Walla restaurant recommendations all summer long.

FEAST — The Festival @ Walla Walla will be on Saturday, June 23, 2018, from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Please remember to visit your cart to complete the checkout process. 

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FEAST Winery Vendor Registration

Wineries have the option of discounted registration if they choose to donate three bottles of wine to the event.

FEAST — The Festival @ Walla Walla will be on Saturday, June 23, 2018, from 3 pm to 8 pm.

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FEAST Distillery Vendor Registration

Come share your handcrafted spirits at FEAST — The Festival @ Walla Walla will be on Saturday, June 23, 2018, from 3 pm to 8 pm.

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FEAST Brewery Vendor Registration

Bring your best Craft beers to FEAST — The Festival @ Walla Walla will be on Saturday, June 23, 2018, from 3 pm to 8 pm.

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