Downtown Tree Lighting Project Underway

The City of Walla Walla and the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation are pleased to announce a the Downtown Tree Lighting Project which will bring much needed maintenance to the Downtown Street Tree program. The project began on Thursday April 6th. 

What is this project going to accomplish? 􀀷􀁋􀁌􀁖􀀃􀁓􀁕􀁒􀁍􀁈􀁆􀁗􀀃􀁚􀁌􀁏􀁏􀀃􀁕􀁈􀁓􀁏􀁄􀁆􀁈􀀃􀁈􀁛􀁌􀁖􀁗􀁌􀁑􀁊􀀃􀁗􀁕􀁈􀁈􀀃􀁏􀁌􀁊􀁋􀁗􀁌􀁑􀁊􀀃􀁚􀁌􀁗􀁋􀀃􀁑􀁈􀁚􀀃􀁋􀁌􀁊􀁋􀀃􀁈􁂈􀁆􀁌􀁈􀁑􀁆􀁜􀀏􀀃
This project will replace existing tree lighting with new high efficiency, in-ground LED directional lights along a portion of Main Street. The project will start at Second Avenue and extend east as far as funding will allow. 􀁖􀀃􀁓􀁕􀁒􀁍􀁈􀁆􀁗􀀃􀁚􀁌􀁏􀁏􀀃􀁕􀁈􀁓􀁏􀁄􀁆􀁈􀀃􀁈􀁛􀁌􀁖􀁗􀁌􀁑􀁊􀀃􀁗􀁕􀁈􀁈􀀃􀁏􀁌􀁊􀁋􀁗􀁌􀁑􀁊􀀃􀁚􀁌􀁗􀁋􀀃􀁑􀁈􀁚􀀃􀁋􀁌􀁊􀁋􀀃􀁈􁂈􀁆􀁌􀁈􀁑􀁆􀁜􀀏􀀃􀁌􀁒􀁑􀀃􀁗􀁒􀀃􀁑􀁈􀁚􀀃􀁗􀁕􀁈􀁈􀀃􀁏􀁌􀁊􀁋􀁗􀁌􀁑􀁊􀀏􀀃􀁇􀁜􀁌􀁑􀁊􀀃􀁗􀁕􀁈􀁈􀁖􀀃􀁚􀁌􀁏􀁏􀀃􀁅􀁈􀀃􀁕􀁈􀁓􀁏􀁄􀁆􀁈􀁇􀀃􀁄􀁑􀁇􀀃 

In addition to the new tree lighting, dying trees will be replaced and existing tree wells will be expanded to promote tree health for existing and new trees. Groundcover will also be installed in the larger tree wells. 

For more information, please click HERE to be directed to the City of Walla Walla's 2017 Construction Project website. 

Project Schedule and Funding
The project is funded with local dollars and went out to bid in January. Construction is expected to commence in March of 2017. 

Questions? Reach the following contact resources anytime: 

City of Walla Walla - Doug Eaton - 509-527-4527

Landscape Architect/Engineer - PBS Engineering and Environmental Inc
Michael Melder, PE - 509-956-3026

Downtown Walla Walla Foundation - 509-529-8755

Design Visioning by Raffaele Exiana Design

David Mumm