Clubs, churches, schools, businesses and individuals are invited to light up and line up for the annual Holiday Parade of Lights. Held on the first Saturday of December, this event features a total of 75 entries and thousands of viewers in a holiday mood. Volunteers hang signs along the parade route, mark the staging area, and help wrangle the floats into place before the parade.


Parade Details

The parade is limited to the first 75 entries. Your entry will be assigned a number based on receipt of your application. The Downtown Foundation reserves the right to move or alter the parade order, as needed, to accommodate any special circumstances.
An email with a list of the floats and entry numbers will be emailed no later than Thursday before the parade. This email will include details as to the lineup, staging area and awards.



  • Staging begins at 5 p.m.
  • The staging area is Boyer Ave. between Palouse and Clinton Street. • Judging:
  • Judging begins at 6pm. Any entry not in line at that time will not be judged.


Code of Conduct:

  • Use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are forbidden. If intoxicated you will be asked to immediately leave the parade and will not be allowed to participate in the future.
  • Respect of all entrants is required. Any unruly behavior or harassment of other parade participants is grounds for immediate removal from the parade.



  • There will be NO candy thrown or handouts allowed of any kind during the parade. If this rule is broken you will not be allowed to participate in the parade next year.
  • All entries must be LIT.
  • Vehicular entries are limited to one vehicle pulling a standard trailer. All other vehicle entries must be approved by DWWF.
  • Equestrian participants are required to clean up all manure from the staging area.
  • All entries must be able to negotiate a right angle turn on a residential street without running up on the curb.
  • Your entry may feature any Christmas Character EXCEPT Santa Claus. There is only one Santa in the parade and he is arriving on the final float. 

Registration: Holiday Parade of Lights

Register for the 22nd Annual Holiday Parade of Lights on Saturday, December 2, 2017. Your entry and fee must be received by Tuesday, November 21.

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